A better way to manage your

Finally one workspace for your in-house team to work with outsourced talent.

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Working with freelancers just got easier:

One shared budget

Finally a shared freelancing budget and purchase order for the whole team.

Collaboration tools

Get stakeholders' feedback on orders and communicate revisions approval instantly.

Video chats

Face to face calls to help you communicate your needs and feedback quicker.

Full transparency

Always know what your team is up to and the status of every project.

Set spend policies

Control your team's spending by setting sign-off policies and permissions.

Matching experts

Dedicated success manager to help you find the right talent for your project.

Only Fiverr's best

Smart algorithm that pre-selects exceptional talent suited for organizations.

Save your fave

Create your own list of pre-approved talent that your team can choose from.

A better way to work with freelancers

Powered by vetted talent

Thousands of freelancers in over 500 categories, ready to take your project to the next level

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Try Fiverr Business
Common Questions

Will the freelancer be committed to my business’ NDA?

Here on Fiverr it’s just like working with any other freelancer. You can ask them to sign your NDA or any other legal document your legal department deems necessary. You can also find additional confidentiality obligations of freelancers mandated under Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Is Fiverr Business really offering a year for free?

Yes, it’s absolutely free! And what’s even better? It comes without any conditions committing to use it for the second year. Please note that individual freelancer services ordered through Fiverr must still be paid at their respective prices – just like on Fiverr.

How is Fiverr Business different from the Fiverr Marketplace?

Fiverr Business is all about collaboration. Our business tool allows you to organize and manage all your projects, communication, deliveries, and budgeting in one dashboard. You can share a payment method with team members, save and share favorite sellers for quick access, and contact a dedicated Fiverr Business Success Manager to help you find the right sellers.

How do I know that the freelancer is qualified to complete my project?

That’s exactly what Fiverr Business has set out to guarantee by designing a unique catalog of exclusively business-relevant, top-tier freelancers. You can browse work samples and reviews first, and if you’re still unsure – reach out to a designated Fiverr Business Success Manager to help find you the right match.

What if I didn't find the exact service that suits my project needs?

Big projects sometimes make a one-size-fits-all service impossible, which is why Fiverr enables you to contact a seller you’re interested in and request a custom order instead. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, remember, Fiverr’s Business Success Managers are here to help guide and assist you.

How does Fiverr protect us in the order process?

Safety is a #1 priority with Fiverr. Not only are we PCI DSS certified, payment on Fiverr is also protected and only released to the freelancers once you’ve approved the work you’ve received.

How do I know the freelancer's hourly rate?

Trick question! On Fiverr, you pay freelancers per project, not per hour. The price for the service and everything included is clearly stated in their project proposal.

How many team members can join my business account?

The name of the game is growth, isn’t it? Your Fiverr Business account includes the first 50 seats! Need more? Reach out to our customer support and they’ll take care of you.

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