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  • Flexible location shooting
  • Expanded creativity
  • Save time and resources
  • Access a bigger team

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Flexible location shooting

With freelancers located across the world, your project can be shot from anywhere. Send a brief at night, wake up with a completed project the next day.

Expanded creativity

Collect feedback from stakeholders in one place, and collaborate with your internal team and your freelancers to turn your ideas into a reality.

Save time and resources

With freelancers who own their own equipment, a shared, pre-approved budget, instant transaction approvals, and more – save time and money.

Access a bigger team

Don’t let your team’s size limit your project. Let a Business Success Manager match you with the perfect talent for your project.

How it works

Finding the right professional is easy. Browse the catalog for script writers, voice over artists, and everything in between. See detailed information about each professional, including location, response time, and previous work.

Draft the perfect brief for your freelancer, so they understand your vision. Include everything from background information, to objectives, deadlines, and target audience, so they can set your project in motion.

Now that your talent has sent you a draft, give feedback on everything you love about the script, make changes to the background music and animation, and give additional direction on the voice over and editing.

Sync up with stakeholders from one workspace during the entire process to make it simple and efficient to review the budget, edit the script, and get final suggestions from everyone on the team.

Subtitles read perfectly? Visual effects look unreal? Cut straight to approval from your dashboard with one click.

Love your video project? Press play on the next one!

Meet the talent

Ronny F. Videographer, Israel
Ronny F. Videographer, Israel

I always give my honest professional opinion. If I feel that the script or footage can be better, I’ll let you know. Making high quality videos is important to me, so I won’t let a client spend money on a video that won’t serve their needs, I’ll work with them to make their vision come to life the best way possible.

Melissa H. Presenter, US
Melissa H. Presenter, US

A few weeks after one of our deliveries, a client shared that the video we made for them went viral, which resulted in lots of engagement and inquiries on his website. Our videos have gone viral on several occasions, and this is always such a benefit to the client’s exposure.

Ryan C. Videographer, UK
Ryan C. Videographer, UK

I don’t just make videos, I turn visions into reality. I consult with the client on their end goal, and backwards engineer that to create the video that helps get them there. My video skills were born from marketing, so everything I create is geared towards getting results.

Jan A. Videographer, Germany
Jan A. Videographer, Germany

I love solving the individual client’s problem of representing their business or idea through a quick and snappy video.
It might be the one that gets the business the attention it deserves, potential clients or investors see, or in general, help the business grow to the next level.

Emils M. Character Designer, Latvia
Emils M. Character Designer, Latvia

I never hesitate to ask questions or answer them. I believe that good communication with the client is often the key to great projects. I feel like this is a strong part of my business, I’m easy to talk to and I can adjust to the communication style preferred by my client easily.

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